Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tori is on Tuesdays!

Tori and Dean are back! FINALLY! I love their show. I record it every week..just so I won't miss it. (Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen every Tuesday night at 9 CST.) I read sTori Telling a few months ago after watching them leave Chateau La Rue. Anyways....you should give it a watch. Tori is hilarious!
Sunday, Jamey and I ventured to his hometown of Sylacauga (about 45 min south of Birmingham). While Jamey played video games with his nephews, I went shopping. Sunday afternoon shopping in Sylacauga consists of about three places: Wal-Mart, Burke's Outlet and Big Lots. I only chose the latter two, because I currently despise Wal-Mart. We have a love/hate relationship.
Anyway...at Burke's I purchased an awesome pair of purple wayfarers. Yes, I said purple. Normally, I wouldn't stray from my usual choice of tortoise shell, but the fit was right (I have a big head) and the price was cheap ($5) so...they were mine!

My hubby teases me about wayfarers, but I choose to ignore his fashionable ineptitude. Ha! This comes from a man whose daily wardrobe consists of a plaid drawstring pant and tagless Hanes tee, also known as PJs. On special occasions, you can find him in a pant with a beltloop, but only on special occasions like running errands.Today is obviously no exception!

His head has been cropped to protect his identity. Baaahaha. In case you did't know, he works out of his home office.

I'm so behind on blogging. School started back May 21st, Memorial day was the following Monday, and last weekend was Jamey's b'day weekend. So, I haven't been very productive. So hopefully, I'll be adding more updates asap!
Happy Tuesday :)

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