Monday, June 15, 2009

My Saturday in Review!

Bear with me...this is a long one!
I had an awesome day Saturday! Jamey's friend Dee was coming to town, so I was going to make myself scarce so they could have some boys' time (i.e. playing video games). So, I decided to go home and visit my Dad for an early Father's Day and to give him his B'day gifts. I had also been telling my Grams about this chair and a half that I got from my sister-in-law (for Free!) that needed to be recovered.

She told me about these two fabric stores in Eclectic that I HAD to visit! So we made a half-day trip out of it!
I got up at 7:30 Saturday morning and headed to Alex City to pick up Mom and Grams. We drove to Eclectic (in the pouring rain) to Strickland's Textiles.

This place is really nice, neat and organized. They carry a lot of Waverly and Magnolia fabrics. Which are nice fabrics, but can get expensive when you're on a super tight budget. Of course I was indecisive about everything!! I found a few things, but decided to wait to jump at anything until I had visited Strickland's Cloth Barn, which is directly across the street. (Strange, I know!)
Let me just say, this place is somewhat hazardous. At one point, I think we were just praying the walls didn't collapse around us and bury us in the sea of fabric. These people have been hoarding holding on to this fabric since about 1970. There were bolts upon bolts of fabric. There was no neat shelving. It was all free-standing and propped against each other. From the walls, it was probably eight bolts thick. No kidding!

(Notice the foot wide walking path)
You have to dig to find anything, but I think that may be the fun of it. Since they obviously have no overhead, the fabric is CHEAP! I found drapery fabric, fabric for my toss pillows AND fabric to recover my chair. The best was all $5.98 a yard!!

Stupid me didn't take photos of the actual fabric that I bought, except for that little bit of striped fabric that Grams is holding. (I left it at Grams.) However I did snap all of these great shots to give you an idea of what we dug through.

When we got back to town, Mom and I went to lunch at El Rancho Grande. I haven't been there in years, and honestly, I don't think I've been missing too much. It was fun to spend time with Mom though and catch up on all of our gossip.
We stopped at my grandparents to visit for a while then headed over to Longleaf Antique Mall to search for ottomans, pillows, etc.

I love antique/flea malls, but this is seriously one of the better ones that I have been to. I think I even like it better than Angel's here in Opelika.
Unfortunately I didn't find an ottoman, but Mom did find me these awesome butterfly prints. I LOVE them! They were only $4 each!

Afterwards, I headed back to Auburn for dinner with the boys. We grilled hot dogs and played Rock Band til 3 am. I was exhausted, but I had an awesome day!!


  1. Is the stripe blue or black?
    Love the prints of the butterflies...nice treasure...

  2. It's a navy and white stripe. I completely forgot to take pictures of the other fabrics I bought!