Thursday, June 4, 2009

My daily obstacle course

I'm really annoyed with all the construction going on outside of the Lowder building. The roadways are all torn apart near the crosswalks, so they've rerouted the pedestrian traffic through the grass to cross the street at a different point. This is fine, except that to get to the grass you have to catapult yourself over the chain that normally prevents people from walking on the grass. So, skirts are out.

If you make it across the street without getting clobbered by a Tiger Transit bus (because there is no painted crosswalk), then you have to climb a steep gravel hill that they have laid down as a walkway. This, too, would be fine except for the fact that they stopped the gravel pathway half way to the sidewalk, causing you to walk through red dirt. If you've been anywhere in Alabama in the past two weeks, you know it's rained cats and dogs at least every other day. So that red dirt path has now become a sloppy mud pit.

Did I mention that parking is now nonexistent along the front side of the lot because the construction workers park their giant backhoes there?

I pay you approximately $3000 a semester to attend classes. Is it too much to ask to take down a chain so that I don't have to hurdle it every morning? Is it too much to ask to continue your pathetic excuse for a gravel path twenty more feet to the sidewalk, so that I dont' have to walk through a mud bath every time I enter Lowder? I appreciate your inconsideration.

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