Friday, January 30, 2009

Move over, Beethoven!

So I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. I started playing flute in the band in 7th grade and played until graduation. In the past few months I have realized how much I miss being "musical". It's a creative outlet that is almost therapeutic. Granted, it is frustrating to learn a new instrument, but it makes it easier when you have someone to teach you. Since I'm not in school anymore, and since I don't have money for piano lessons, I have decided to resort to a new method of learning. I consulted YouTube for videos on 'How to Play Piano'. I found this guy (user name Lypur) that, although annoying, is really helpful. I am watching refresher videos on how to read music, time signatures, note values, etc. I haven't looked at this stuff in over 5 years, but it's kind of like riding a bike.
Last night, I how to move my hand up and down the keys to play different scales. So, I may not get very far in my endeavor, but I hope I stick with it.

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  1. I'll teach you how to play if you waive the first 6 months of rent (after I move in).. Ha