Sunday, February 8, 2009

The end is drawing near....

So, I wanted to take a few minutes away from my being a slave to my textbooks to post an update. I haven't been on here in a while because I have been busy with school. This is, by far, the busiest semester for me yet. I can't seem to stay on top of things. For instance, today I started studying around 3:00. It's now 10:00, and I am nowhere near completion. I have a quiz tomorrow in Cost Accounting. I have an assignment due tomorrow online for my Information Systems Mngt course, for which I must first read two chapters. I have a major Marketing exam on Tuesday morning, which is what I am currently studying. .....Oh, and I also have an assignment due on Wednesday that must be done with a partner. Neither of us has really gotten a start on it. So.....
I feel like I'm being tugged at both ends. I don't really know how to prioritize at this point. I hate to put down my Marketing book to study for anything else because this test is worth 33% of my grade. I can drop my lowest Accounting quiz, but who's to say this situation won't come up again. I need to do well on it.
My online MIS assignment is due by 9am on Tuesday morning....I might can convince the hubby to do it for me, although I'm sure he'll protest against it.
I just downed a RedBull, so maybe I'll be good for another 2 hours.

I'm sure nobody is reading this boring post at this point, but if you are, thanks for sticking with it.

I was going to read and study more yesterday, but I've done nothing but study for days on end. So, Jamey and I went to Mikata with 'Jim and T'. We thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. They always make us laugh. The came over and watched 'Righteous Kill', too. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch. After Jim and T left, Jamey and I stayed up to watch 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist'.
If you like Juno, you'd probably enjoy this one. We definitely enjoyed it!! I guess I shouldn't have stayed up so late, but it was fun to just enjoy my Saturday night.

Well, I guess I've killed too much time on this already, so I'll get back to my neverending chore!

P.S. I filled out my graduation paperwork on Thursday. So everything should be set for December. The end is near!! (haha) FINALLY....


  1. Jamey should volunteer to help you out and do the assignment (if he can do it..)! He's such a chump.

  2. haha. Our class talked the professor into moving back our partner assignment to next Monday, so that takes a lot of pressure off!

  3. Give Raylan a fish, and she'll eat for a day. Teach Raylan to fish, and she can get that bird out of the bush.

  4. Funny....Jamey remembers sayings like me....I can never remember if it is one or two birds in the hand or the bush...HA!