Monday, January 19, 2009

It's not just a house anymore...

It finally feels like home!
My mom is a pretty savvy when it comes to decorating. When I do it, I seem to always hit a one note. Everything ends up blending together...which looks rather bland and boring, which I feel is completely not age appropriate. So my Mom came down Saturday night to go shopping with me. We went to Tiger Town for a few hours and then went to a late dinner. It was fun spending time with Mom. We stayed up til like 4:30 Sunday morning. My grandparents came down at lunch Sunday. My grandmother is a seamstress. She makes drapes, duvets, etc for one of the interior decorators in Alex City. Anyways, she's really handy when it comes to hanging stuff and measuring and all the technical nonsense. I just slap a nail in the wall and hope it's centered. So, needless to say, I needed her help.

Of course all of my drapes still have to be made....oh and I forgot to mention that my grandmother is also an artist. She is working on a painting to go over my mantle. I had a hard time deciding what she could/should paint. I tried to think of things or places with sentimental value...or just places that I loved to visit. I decided nothing could be more appropriate than the Lake Martin shoreline.

So it will still be a couple of weeks before everything is completed, but I will try to post pictures of my latest decorating endeavors ASAP. Let me know what you think!


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  1. The house looks good. It feels like a home now instead of just a temporary habitat.