Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Our Monday Night Menu}

I told you I was takin' my new cookware for a spin on Monday. I was amazed at how fast the pan heated up (and evenly!). Oh, Calphalon! How have I scraped meals together cooked without you?

So this was one of those 'whatever is in the pantry' kind of deals. You know...where you refuse to go to the grocery store just to buy one or two things to complete a meal, so you scrape whatever together. In my case, I knew Ash was coming over so I requested a pepper and mushrooms.
You gotta be resourceful, right?

Let me preface this with an apology. I'm sorry for my lack of photography skills. I realize these won't make your mouth water, but a blog with no pictures is a snooze!
So anyway....
I started by chopping up half an onion and a pack of Bryan Lil' Smokies and heating over medium heat. Then I added a can of petite diced tomotoes and a splash of chicken broth. I let it simmer for a few minutes then reduced the heat to med/low.

Then I chopped up on whole green bell pepper and added in a pack of sliced mushrooms. I just let it continue to simmer for about 10 minutes then sprinkled with a little bit of Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt. We spooned some of this deliciousness over white rice & devoured!

It definitely wasn't a fine dining experience, but heck, it beats a frozen pizza! (Right, Jamey?!)

Tonight we opted for Taco Bell before our trip to Lowe's. No cooking for me :). We went to drool over quartz countertops and fancy schmancy sinks before heading home to watch Lost. We know how to spice up our Tuesday!

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