Monday, February 8, 2010

{Maiden Voyage}

The Hubs & I have been on the hunt for new cookware. We knew we wanted to keep non-stick...but with a little more durability than a Rachael Ray or Farberware type brand. I "We" decided to go with Calphalon but just planned on buying the pieces individually from one of their lines that offered open stock items. (I realized I would never use some of the pieces that come in the bulk sets.)
After choosing the Calphalon Contemporary line, we headed to B3 (Bed, Bath & Beyond) to check out our options.
I intended on just purchasing a large omelette pan to last until we could buy more pieces, since it alone costs $94.
After going to B3 and being disappointed that they had none of the pieces I wanted, I headed for the door...but out of the corner of my eye spotted a little yellow sign. "LIMITED TIME OFFER".
They had a huge display of Calphalon Contemporary omelette pans in a 10" & 12" combo pack for...wait for it......$49.99! So, that offered up a savings of $104!!!!
*Sound the "Haaa-le-lu-jah" music.*

Tonight I'm taking them on their maiden voyage. I'll let you know how it goes. Needless to say, I'm very hopeful!!! :)

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