Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{From Eww to Blue}

On a whim, we painted Jamey's office. We were both sick of the builder beige walls!
Here's a glimpse....
The color is Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue. I just picked up a swatch from the local BM store and took it to Sherwin Williams to color match since they were about $10 cheaper per gallon.

I bought this rug a while back for $14 (score!) at a local flea mall with hopes of using it in my office, but it was too big. Luckily the pattern had a color identical to Jamey's new walls. It works perfectly! It may be a little more frou-frou than he's used to, but I think he'll learn to like it! ;)

We also picked up some Frog Tape at Sherwin Williams thanks to a suggestion from YHL. Let me say, I was BEYOND surprised at how well it really does work! After painting every room in our last house with crappy blue painter's tape, it would have been nice to had this on hand then. We had no touch ups anywhere on the trim. At $6+ a roll, it's a little bit pricier than the blue tape, but if you have any walls to paint anytime soon, I highly recommend it!

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