Monday, February 15, 2010

{V-Day 2010}

February 14th is the day we adopted Buddy four years ago, so we celebrate his 'birthday' this time every year, too.
In honor of Bird (one of Buddy's many terms of endearment), we gifted all three puppies with Busy Bones!
But these weren't just any ole Busy Bone...these were special heart shaped ones.
I wonder if they appreciated their Mama's (my) thoughtfulness or even noticed the little detail before they devoured them?
Since Valentine's fell on a Sunday, we opted to keep it low key with dinner and a movie at home. Jamey surprised me with a little something extra .....
My sweet Hubby took the time to make these! I especially love the "putting any movie at the top of the Netflix queue" part. Haha!
I loved my quiet V Day at home with Jamey and the babies. What did you do?

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