Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Upcoming fun!

On a random note: Can this be my backyard? PLEASE?!

In reality:
I guess I'm beginning to adjust to 8:00 classes. I've definitely had to force myself to go to bed earlier. Last night was an exception, though.
Ben is in town! we decided to head to trivia at Locos. Natasia and Ash were also in tow. Jamey and I haven't been to trivia in a couple of years (almost), but nothing has changed. People still piss me off by cheating with their cell phones. It's totally bogus, but at least it's something fun to do on a Tuesday night. I will only go to trivia in the summer. Fall semester trivia is overcrowded and almost infuriating. Yes, I know, I'm too competitive.
How can people really enjoy themselves by cheating? Haven't they ever heard of healthy competition?

Anyways, they have $5 pitchers of Yuengling (really good!) and $3 chips and salsa. Last night was all Michael Jackson themed, complete with a Thriller dance-off. It went waaaay over time, so we didn't get home until after midnight. I was pooped! I (accidentally) slept til 7, so I was rushed to get to class by 8.
I guess all of that sounds somewhat irresponsible. No studying, drinking beer, late night trivia and oversleeping. Hey, you're only young once, right?

Jamey and I have Friday off, so "the kids" (niece & 2 nephews) are coming. The boys usually stay stuck in front of the TV playing video games.

I have no idea what we're doing yet, I'll have to come up with some entertainment. Any suggestions??
Saturday, we're heading to Sylacauga for swimming and grilling! I just hope I don't get sunburned. I haven't really been in the sun a lot this year, which is evident by my pasty white legs.
Saturday evening, we're headed to Deatsville to stay with Jim and Teresa, or as I say, "Jim-n-T".

I'm excited to have lots of things planned, but I'm sure I'll be drained! Hopefully, I can find some time to finish reading my book:

An early Happy 4th to everyone! Be safe!

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