Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{Monday Getaway}

Yesterday after I got out of class, I guess I was feeling a little homesick and decided to call my Mom. She was busy, but said I could steal my little brother away from his job and spend the afternoon at the lake. I wasn't turning that one down! I've been aching to get to the lake all summer, and I didn't want to take my chances on losing the opportunity. So, I sped drove straight home, packed a bag, threw on my swimsuit and headed towards Alex City!
I'm sure Jamey was a little jealous, but I'll have a grown-up job one day....
I drove the whole way home with my windows down, music up & sunglasses on!
I picked up my brother and headed to the cabin. I love the drive down there. It's almost like a segue into a whole other world...like it sweeps you away from reality. In a way, I guess it does.

Almost there.....
We're here!!!...
I don't think I could ever get tired of this view....
The cabin even comes equipped with a people greeter...
AND a security system!
This is as far as my picture-taking went. As soon as we put it in park, we sprayed on the sunscreen and ran for the dock. The water was a little chilly, but not enough to make us think twice before jumping right in.
We swam, worked on our tan and laughed ....a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Ryan....we definitely don't do it often enough.
After a while, the water got a little colder and we got a little hungrier, so we packed up and headed back to town. We were a little sad to go, but no worries.....we'll be back!
I did snap one last picture of a 'little' cottage across the lake.
We were in luck when we got to Grams....there were two slices of peanut butter pie left :)

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