Monday, April 6, 2009


Meet Sgt. Tibbs, the newest member of our family. I'm sure you're wondering where we came up with that name. Well, he's named after a character in 101 Dalmations. We had been "looking" at puppies, but couldn't agree on what kind to get or whether or not to even get one. Jamey really wanted to get an English Springer Spaniel, but I couldn't handle a 50 lb. dog in addition to the two we already have. I was really not wanting to get another only exceptions were a) it had to be small and b) NO shedding! So when we went to Orlando and saw a store called "Just Puppies", we couldn't resist stopping by to 'look'. Well obviously we did more than that.
He slept the entire 7+ hour drive home, with the exception of two quick stops to pee. Of course, he screamed his head off that night when we got home. I slept with my hand hanging off the side of the bed into his box so he would stop yelping at the top of his lungs. We call this ear bleeding noise his 'singing'. Tibby sings A LOT! In the mornings when I get up, Jamey has to roll over on my side of the bed so Tibbs can see him or's a full chorus. Sometimes Lola chimes in with her gripes and complaints about being locked up in the laundry room. I can't say I blame her, though.
Buddy is still grumpy old Buddy. He doesn't like for Tibbs to be in his personal space, and is quick to show his teeth if Tibbs gets too close. Lola is adjusting to being the middle child. She still tries to be the baby, but she doesn't mind running a few laps around the house after her new little bro.
It's late, so I'll save his personality for later. It's a whole post in itself!

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