Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper or Plastic?--Neither.

For the past two nights we've been so busy that we've opted for McDonald's $1 cheeseburgers. Tonight I decided I wanted something on the lighter side. I actually tried to give some presentation to it, rather than just a plastic wrapper or paper plate. We had bagels with cream cheese, spinach and ham. I topped off some cream of chicken soup with some shredded cheddar. It was DElicious!

I am bidding on an old (1921) botanical drawing book on eBay. I intend on cutting the pages out and framing them for my big blank wall in the den.

I was purusing some antiquing sites when I can came across a set of Pyrex Primary Nesting Bowls. I have to get a set of these! I'm in love!


  1. i want to try the sandwich..

  2. you want these for Christmas...I can be looking also in flea markets....$72, $75...whatever you originally posted is a good price....think about purchasing them would add to that or more...I know, I know, it was the price that was too much for you...but you know if I can get you something you really want and it does not cost too much...I will get it.