Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm no fool

Today after class, I made a trip to Angel's (huge indoor flea market) to search for those darn bowls (see former post). Fortunately, I found two complete sets. Unfortunately, the cheapest was $70! No way that's happening!
BUT...I did find this gem:

I'm going to find a tall skinny lamp for it. I'm just excited to finally display my Lenox stuff and other knickknacks.

I also visited the Salvation Army and was delighted to find the Starbucks mug I've been dying to have. It's $10 in the stores, and I just couldn't fork that much over when I don't need it. Salvation Army so kindly priced my prized mug for just $0.50!

At the flea market, I also purchased some 1970s Tupperware containers, which I have been wanting for years! Grams (my mom's mom) has some that she's used for flour, sugar, cereal...and nobody makes them that way anymore, so I jumped at the chance to own some!

I was going to post a little bit about Tibby, but I realized I haven't introduced him yet (at least not on the blog). So, since he deserves his very own post and the fact that I'm too tired to do it right now, It will have to wait until another day.

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