Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

Friday seemed to be a semi-productive day. I didn't get as much homework done as I would have liked, but I finished up my Cost project.
For dinner, Jamey and I had a change of pace. We got steamed shrimp from the seafood counter at Winn-Dixie. We made corn on the cob, red potatoes and salad to go with it. We topped it off with a glass of wine. It was fun to have a nice quiet dinner at home, just sitting and talking at the kitchen table.
We also decided to rent two movies-- Nights in Rodanthe & W.

So, Nights is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, which I read and LOVED! The movie is good, but still doesn't hold a candle to The Notebook. Which is odd to me, because the book of Nights in Rodanthe was better than the book version of The Notebook.'s definitely a 'chick flick', but I cried even though it was the second time I've seen it. So, ladies, it's definitely worth a watch!

W.- I don't really care for George Bush........well-- let me just say that I don't like him based on the way he presents himself in the media. He often sounds ignorant and always at a loss for words. This is basically the whole point of the movie. I found myself interested more in the extras on the DVD than the actual movie itself. Perhaps if I had watched it during the day, it wouldn't have seemed so bad; however, it was late and I was fighting sleep to watch it. I guess I should have made an initial disclaimer stating this is an Oliver Stone film. That might give you an idea of the tone of the movie. Josh Brolin did an incredible job of acting the part....but the movie itself was just plain boring.....

So on Saturday, Valentine's Day, we slept late. It was so nice to not have to get up early to do school stuff! Pops and Grams came down around 10:30 to bring some furniture to us. After they left we were just lazy--we watched Family Feud, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for about three hours. (I know we're lame.)
We finally managed to get showers and get ready to go out for dinner. We went to Longhorn, only to find there was a 2 HOUR wait. We decided we could have a fancy dinner at the cost of two wasted hours of a Saturday night, or we could just go with a not-so-romantic sit down option. We ended up at Durango's. We had burritos and talked for over an hour after we finished dinner. I think I enjoyed that more than I would have enjoyed a stuffy steakhouse dinner. Jamey wrote me the sweetest letter that made me cry. It is definitely frame-worthy.

We dropped back by Video Warehouse on our way home and picked up two more movies-- Zack and Miri & Hancock.

Zack and Miri- was crude, raunchy and somewhat gross; but definitely funny. I usually don't like Seth Rogen movies (like Knocked Up), but this one was pretty entertaining. This is definitely not a movie for mixed company.

Hancock- didn't really entertain me. It was something worth watching one time, but nothing I'd buy. To me, it was one of Will Smith's worst performances. The whole premise of the movie is far-fetched, and I knew that when we rented it. It was just kind of stupid and predictable, but I'd watch this over W. again any day.

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