Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All in a day's work....

So I had my Marketing exam this morning. I studied a ton for that stupid thing. I thought I was pretty prepared, but let me tell you....that thing was ridiculous. It asked some of the most detailed questions about random, seemingly unimportant, topics. Then it would ask simple generic easy questions about some of the more major topics. I was really pissed when I left that test..to say the least. Dr. Lett just posted grades, and I scored an 80. I'm not complaining about making an 80. I'm complaining about what it took to make that 80. RIDICULOUS!
On better terms--I got back my score for my Finance test, and I managed to pull a 92 on it! I was super pumped about it. I literally couldn't stop smiling. I was worried about it. It was 25 questions and accounts for about 30% of my grade. This leaves me some room to wiggle later in the semester.
Well I've taken an exam, gone to 2 other classes, completed a load of laundry, read some Cost/ABC stuff and worked on our ABC project that's due Monday. I'm about to go to bed because I have to be at school early to work on the project with Natasia (my partner).
I really want to hurry up and get this project completed so I can breathe. I hate having assignments that loom over my head for days. Once I turn it in, I can enjoy my weekend!

Oh yeah-- I also managed to hit up the thrift store on my way home. I snagged a couple of new Auburn t-shirts. I like going and finding oversized (new) tshirts because they are perfect for sleeping/studying/lounging. So, overall I have been pretty darn productive. It makes me really tired, though.

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