Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy Sunday Weekend Update

So it could not have worked out more perfectly. We have been planning for months now to go to Snow Mountain, and our trip has been canceled two times due to bad weather. We were supposed to leave out Friday morning, but thunderstorms caused them to close everything down.
Saturday morning was plagued by tornado warnings and sirens. We went to Jim and Teresa's house around noon and worked on our taxes. Saturday night we reserved a table for ten at Outback to celebrate my birthday. I got lots of sweet cards and money! Teresa and Jim got me the coffee pot I wanted so badly, and Grams painted a beautiful picture of Lake Martin to hang over my mantle! After dinner we went to Bass Pro Shop. It is so neat in there! I could sit and watch the huge fish for hours! After that, we somehow ended up at WalMart--it's just what my family does! Ha! I bought Crystal a little something as a Congratulations gift. I was so excited about that. I love giving gifts--especially when they are unexpected!
We had heard rumors of snowfall for Sunday, but we were skeptical, as usual. My family and I had said if it did actually snow, we were going to have a snowman competition. My family is super competitive, so it's only fitting! Since we all live in different cities, we had to take pictures and email them. I guess the winning prize is just bragging rights, but I think Jim and Teresa's awesome Beach Babe Snowwoman won, hands down!
If you've seen our front yard, you know it's perfect for sliding/rolling down--so, sledding was a must! We used a plastic container and lids to slide down. It was soooo fun! So, it definitely made up for missing Snow Mountain!
Joey and Crystal came over, and we made chicken salad sandwiches and watched reruns of The Girls Next Door in our PJs.
So we had a fun weekend. Now, I'm looking forward to Wednesday, because yours truly will be turning the big 23! This will be a big year for me. I will be graduating and (hopefully) starting my career. I look forward to what's ahead of me!

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