Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you wanna know what an uber dork I am, (besides the fact that I just used the word uber)....

All day long I've been singing 'Cindo de Mayo' to the tune of Copacabana. As in..."Cinco...Cindo-de Mayo" substituted into the chorus for the "Copa..Copacabana" part.

I think this can only be cured with margaritas and cheese dip.

I have an appointment with both in about an hour.

So I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday, and I hope you are planning on eating lots of tacos tonight!

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  1. Hi Raylan, you won the Bryn Alexandra giveaway. I posted about it on my blog on Monday. Please contact me by tomorrow or unfortunatly I'll have to give it to someone else. Thanks for participating! Have a great day!