Thursday, March 4, 2010

{Tortoise Timepiece}

I've been drooling over this Michael Kors tortoise watch for months now. I can't wear most metals because my skin is oh-so-sensitive; however, the watchband is plastic! The only down side---it's $200.
Tonight I was looking at the Anne Klein site and came across this identical version. It, too, is an all plastic band. The best part--it's half the price at only $95. Granted that's not a "cheap" watch, but I can't wear any watch for the most part without breaking out in hives. It's just an added bonus that I looove tortoise shell anything. Plus, the face is a little more feminine than the Kors.
I wish I had found this before my birthday (which happens to be TODAY!), so I could have told my hubby about it. Maybe if I when I get a job, it could be a gift to myself!

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