Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{Meet Bird}

I'd like to introduce you to my oldest child. His name is Buddy, but around here he's referred to as Bird.

Back Story: He earned this nickname because he uses his snout to maneuver pillows and blankets into a 'nest' for him to sit in and nap. But not just sitting. His legs are completely tucked a hen. He's a little odd. We just assume he was a chicken in a former life.

In true mom fashion, sometimes I like to embarrass him by making him wear cutesy little pajamas. (Yes, it's a onesie)

But sometimes, as every mother learns to do, I open the back door and set Bird free. I let him explore the world alone. He takes on a whole new persona. He becomes Bird the Adventurer. His tail stands up. His chest broadens. His ears perk. The only thing missing is an Australian-accented narrator.

He braves the treacherous terrain of the backyard, weary of the exotic wildlife he occasionally encounters. He explores, digs and samples the vegetation.

After a long two hour excursion, he decides to head home. Of course, he always shows up with red feet. I guess he thinks it's Mom's job to get the stains out.

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