Friday, January 29, 2010

{Snow & Strata}

I got my car back today, but I was a little sad to let go of my rental truck. However, I won't miss filling that big 'ol thing up with gas. A little over half of a tank cost me $38. Sheesh!!

I have been so excited this week about going to Snow Mountain, but unfortunately, it looks like the 37 degree high and 80% chance of rain is going to wipe out any chance of going. Bummer!! Now my only thing to look forward to this weekend is...

{Ham & Spinach Strata}

I just put one of these in the oven. Can we say Yum-o? I bought the croissants on Monday and have been waiting all week to make it. *happy dance*
Hopefully, it won't disappoint.

What are you doing this weekend?

UPDATE: We DID get to go to Snow Mountain. To top it off, it actually snowed for real while we were there!

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