Friday, October 23, 2009

The Boxcar Children

When I was little I loved to read. My most favorite books were always from The Boxcar Children series. Anybody else share my love?
Well, I was going through my usual blogs on my Google reader when I saw a post about a Boxcar Children Cookbook! Who knew?
So I looked it up on Amazon, and you can get it for as little as $0.69! Pretty amazing. Okay, so it may not be Julia Child's caliber of cooking, but my affinity for the Henry, Benny, Violet and Jessie make it seem all the more wonderful.
This may be one for the Christmas list!
{Photo via Amazon}


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  2. Do you remember this: I told you when I was in middle school, I checked out Boxcar Children all the time and then you did when you were that age too. One day you had the book from the library and in the back, it had library stamps from the 70's....most of them were mine.......I swear you are my child....I know, then your Daddy could not be my brother. Funny!!!